Embrace Your Authenticity, Capture Your Beauty

At Pretend Photography we specialize in capturing your true essence through authentic portrait, fashion, and boudoir photography. Our goal is to celebrate your unique individuality without relying on heavy editing or Photoshop manipulation. Our unfiltered approach to photography ensures that every image is a testament to your genuine beauty and style.


In our boudoir photography sessions, we invite you to embrace your genuine self and showcase your confidence in front of the camera. With our unfiltered approach, we capture the raw beauty that radiates from within, ensuring your true personality shines through in every shot.

About - Pretend Photography


Experience the world of fashion photography as it was meant to be, without the heavy hand of Photoshop. We work diligently to capture your style and flair in its purest form. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring out the best in you, showcasing your authentic charm and fashion-forward presence.

About - Pretend Photography


Celebrate your natural beauty through our portrait photography sessions. Capture your unique features and showcasing your inherent allure without relying on artificial enhancements. The result is a collection of stunning images that reflect your genuine beauty, unaltered by Photoshop.

About - Pretend Photography

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